The “New Year, New Me”

2019.. a brand new set of 365 days and another suitcase of memories packed for 2018. We all set out in a new year with ambitions to be better, do better, live healthier, get more educated, work out more, travel more…. the list goes on. There is something surely encouraging about approaching January each year […]

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Youth With a Message

Recently, I assisted with an event that was taking place in our community, of which there was a section on talent.  I noticed a very evolved approach to the way the young women thought and carried themselves. Being much older than these young ladies, and recently wanting to promote women empowerment, I was completely blown […]

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The Humbling Effect

The Leaders in Heels ( is one of my most favourite networks to follow on social media. I have found so much inspiration from their Instagram posts and the little quotes that they post from time to time. They have the most beautiful and motivating stationary and ebooks which really give me that “I can […]

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